Music Core Standards to provide students opportunities to achieve musical proficiency in Four Artistic Processes: Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting.

Below are suggested activities that are related to Music Core Standards - Creating, Performing, and Responding. Please note this is a suggested curriculum. Feel free to modify the materials to meet your needs.


*Depth of Knowledge

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Pr 4.1

Explore and demonstrate preference for varied musical selections.

  • e.g., Folk, pop, and Classical music (wide variety of music)  
  • Hawaiian Hula Noho: E `Ike Mai 
  • Finger Plays: Two Little Blackbirds, Five Little Bunnies, Five Little Ladies, Five Little Peas, Five Little Pumpkins
    • 1122 (一一二二)
  • Bounces: Leg Over Leg, Ride a Cock Horse
  • Taps and Claps: Open Shut Them, Patty Cake, Two Little Sausages, Here Comes a Bluebird, Witch Has an Itch
    • Little Stool (小板凳)
  • Tickles: Round Around the Garden, Round Around the Cornfield
  • Non-locomotor: Jack in the Box, Teddy Bear
  • Simple Circle: Ring Around the Rosie
  • Singing Games: Naughty Kitty Cat, Charlie Over the Ocean, Doggie Doggie, Bee Bee Bumble Bee
  • Dances

Pr 4.2

  • Explore and demonstrate awareness of music contrasts in a variety of music. 

Pr 4.3

Pr 6.1

Re 7.1:

With guidance, personal interests and experiences that influence musical listening preferences.

Re 7.2:

Echo and audiate a variety of simple songs in different tonalities and chants with  accents groupings in 2, duple and compound meters


  • Voices (e.g talking, whisper, shouting, singing)
  • Range of voices (low, medium, high)
  • Solo and group


Re 8.1:

Loud and soft:

Fast & Slow:

 Smooth and Jerky: 

Re 9.1:

  • Locomotor:
    • Saint-Saëns: Aquarium
    • Dance: Break Mixer
    • Kinderpolka: Guess How Much I Love you
    • Folk Dance: Sasha, American folk dances
  • Book Reading:

Asian Pacific materials


Introduce the cultural background of the music materials, and deliver the activities culturally responsive with sensitivity. 

Pr 4.1 & 4.2

  • Bee Bim Bop (Korean)
  • Zhao Peng You (Mandarin)
  • Let's Sit in Rows (Mandarin - 排排坐)
  • Little Ants (Mandarin - 小蚂蚁)
  • The Door is Open, But I Can't Get In (Mandarin - 大门开开进不来)
  • Tong Tong Tong (Filipino)

Cr 1.1

  • Lemonade
  • The Very Lazy Ladybug
  • Here Comes a Turtle
  • Today is Monday

Cr 2.1

Cr 3.2

  • Recorded Music: Mozart, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Assessment: Pr 5.1

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