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This unit is for all upper elementary/middle/intermediate school students regardless of previous music experience. Teachers may start this unit for students who had general music in elementary schools or those new to music at the intermediate level. Under National Core Standards, they will still be under the NOVICE category for the intermediate level. Please note that these units are NOT real lesson plans. Teachers need to sequence the activities creatively, and feel free to supplement with other activities appropriate to the level of your students.
The unit consists of two components. First is the music component, which covers musical elements, such as harmony, texture, form, dynamics, tone colors, and styles.
The second component is Social Emotional Learning (SEL), which follows the CASEL “framework wheels” that includes self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making (Casel, 2023). We purposely selected some pieces to help the students to express their emotional feelings with their peers during this difficult time. These strategies are crucial in guiding students to process their emotional thoughts socially.

An article about Music and SEL (working process).

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