Please enjoy this fantastic "Old McDonald came to Mānoa" video, which introduces classical and folk instruments that UH-Mānoa music education students made.


Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds

The goal of this grassroots project was to deal with an issue that is critical to Hawaiian values – preserving nature and protecting Hawaiian birds, especially endangered species. The content of this project was delivered using a combination of music (western classical instruments) and native Hawaiian mele and hula. Read more . . . 


Since we are not able to offer any live Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds concerts with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra this year, we have been creating some online content for teachers and students related to the Symphony in lieu of a live concert. The animations and the music are now all online, and additional questions and content have been created by me and DOE music teacher Cathlyn Momohara, with additional input from Chet-Yeng Loong (UHM Professor, Music Education). 


Movement #1 quiz: click image

Movement #2 quiz: click image