To Stop the Train

Mahalo to Elizabeth. Let's learn the song together.

Mahalo to Elizabeth, Mariko, Jerilyn, and Michael perform this song in ABA form (Unison -- Round -- Unison).

  • Unison: All voices sing the same melody with the same rhythm.
  • Round: A melody or rhythm that is repeated exactly by a second, third, fourth, etc., voice. In this song, the four singers sing two beats after each other. 

Another round: Kaeru no utaga

Arigatok, Michael!

Arigatok to Rana, Michael, Joey, and Jalen

We Shall Overcome

Mahalo Maggie, for sending us this video. We know this is a difficult time for everyone. Some of your friends, relatives, family members might be affected by the situation. We want to encourage you to keep up a positive attitude, believe WE SHALL OVERCOME, and make this world a better place for us to live. One day we shall hold hands in hands, walking in a healthier and beautiful space.

With permission from Alysha Brilla, Mahalo nui.