Form in music is like patterns. In a piece of music, there are many phrases. We can label each phrase as "ABCD" if the four phrases are different. But, what happens when a phrase is repeated? Let's say a phrase is repeated after a different section; for example, the A (capital letter) phrase is repeated after the B phrase. The form of the music is ABA.


In Spring by Vivaldi, the sun section is named as A. Every time a new section comes in; we will name it with a different alphabet. Can you figure out the form of the music by dragging the pictures to the squares?
*Teachers, if each A section is a little bit different, for this project, we will let the young students assume the sun music is the A.

DIRECTIONS - before doing this activity, make sure you have reviewed this activity with your teacher/parents at least 3-4 times. This activity is appropriate for children above 6 years old.

1. Open Hello SMART. You need to log in using Google or Microsoft account.

2. Open the file, listen to the audio and look at the pictures.  

3. Play the audio again. While listening to the music, drag the pictures that represent the form into the boxes.   
4. You may pause the audio at any time.

5. To check your answers, open the final slide.


Have fun. 


*A 7-year-old girl learned the movements from the video and performed it. Sorry, she was in her pajamas, quarantine time. : )

*A 6-year-old child completed the "game."

*With permission from the parents.