Music Core Standards to provide students opportunities to achieve musical proficiency in Four Artistic Processes: Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting.

Below are suggested activities that are related to Music Core Standards - Performing and Responding (Creating is coming). Please note this is NOT a curriculum. Feel free to modify the materials to meet your needs.


*Depth of Knowledge

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Demonstrate skills and competency levels in Performing.

Pr4.1: A. Perform music for a specific purpose with expression and technical accuracy.

  • Gr2: *Demonstrate and/or explain personal interest and knowledge about the purpose of varied musical selections.
    • e.g., Baroque era, American folk & pop, Hawaiian & Asian Pacific songs and music.    

Pr4.2: A. Analyzing creators’ context and how they manipulate elements of music provides insight into their intent and informs performance.

Pr4.3: Enduring Understanding: Performers make interpretive decisions based on their understanding of context and expressive intent. 

Pr5.1: Enduring Understanding: To express their musical ideas, musicians analyze, evaluate, and refine their performance over time through openness to new ideas, persistence, and the application of appropriate criteria. 

  • Gr2: *Apply established criteria to judge the accuracy, expressiveness, and effectiveness of performances. 

Pr6.1: Enduring Understanding: Musicians judge performance based on criteria that vary across time, place, and cultures. The context and how a work is presented influence the audience response. 

  • Gr2: *Perform music for a specific purpose with expression and technical accuracy.
    • Whose Slippers? (Xylophone)

Demonstrate skills and competency levels in Responding.

Re7.1: Enduring Understanding: Individuals' selection of musical works is influenced by their interests, experiences, understandings, and purposes.

  • Gr2: Independently *explain/interpret the influence of personal interests and experiences on musical listening preferences.

Re8.1: Enduring Understanding: Through their use of elements and structures of music, creators and performers provide clues to their expressive intent. 

  • Gr2: *Explain the manner in which dynamics and tempo support the creators’/performers’ expressive intent.

Re9.1: Enduring Understanding: The personal evaluation of musical work(s) and performance(s) is informed by analysis, interpretation, and established. 

  • Gr2: *Discuss/Interpret personal and expressive preferences in the evaluation of music for specific purposes using applicable musical terms.

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